A lot of people wonder if online poker site Poker Stars is rigged. That is a good question. You never want to play on a site without taking the precautions. There have been issues with a lot of poker rooms in the past. Poker Stars in particular is considered safe, or is it?

The safe answer is that there have been so many players that if there was something fishy going on then it would be found out. A random number generator generates the deal of the cards. This is because there cannot be a human deal for a virtual table.

You might be rest assured that when playing on either FTP or Poker Stars you are relatively safe. However, it should be noted that if a scandal is going to occur it would most likely be kept under wraps. For this reason you will want to be careful about what sources of information you listen to Online betting sites.

Many of the power players in the online poker industry have a tremendous monetary interest in keeping the player pool large. Because of this they have been speculated to use what are known as shills.

These shills populate the various online poker forums. Some are even said to work directly for the sites. Some poker sites have employees working openly for them posting on various forums and it is clear when reading their postings that their main job s to ridicule those who have any critics. Because of this it is important that you trust your own research.

If you are going to use Poker Stars and feel that there is something wrong, don’t just sit there. Use Poker Tracker or a spreadsheet and keep notes and numbers. In this way you will be able to tell if Poker Stars is rigged. The common belief among most players is that it is not fixed. However, what you should do is be vigilant in your own assessment of the situation.